I Am

Your passing has suspended reality for all of us.

Raginglunatic aka Jennifer Koplitz, has left on a new journey. She was loved dearly and will be missed by all of us.


She has gone gentle into that good night
And embraced the dying of the light.

She did not rage at the close of day
Softy, wisely she slipped away.

To short her time before this flight
She has gone gentle into that good night.

Into her fathers arms did flee
There to live through eternity.

She has gone gentle into that good night.


With all the love in the world we will miss you Jenny.
Poem rewritten by Kay and Jay with the utmost respect to the author.
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Because I Coudn't Help Myself

It's not going to do any good, it's not going to result in any miraculous change of MO, but it was successful in the venting department. Not my best work, but I have an asstonne of stuff on deck that needs tending to, and wasn't able to concoct one of my better offerings--and it couldn't wait, either.

Dear Senator Feingold,
Let me preface this with that I have the highest degree of respect for you and your integrity makes me proud of WI politics.

However, I have to express my intense anger and disdain regarding the bailout. While at first I was not against it, the news of late has my blood boiling.
How is it, that all of you (collective D.C. 'you') voted for this without any restrictions? An insane amount of money just handed over to people that have proven to be irresponsible at best, and criminal at worst--but is the reality: criminal.

Twice since getting this unthinkable sum of money, they've gone to elite spas for $400 massages and $500 bottles of wine. They're still getting paid and paying out dividends to their stockholders, AND not conducting business with that money like they're supposed to. I can't afford to have dinner down the street at the Chinese Buffet for $20, and this money, for these criminals is coming out of my taxes. Are you people in DC trying to create a mass revolt? A good old fashioned revolution?

Why haven't their accounts been seized? Subpoenas for overseas account delivered?
This is reprehensible.

Next on deck is another group of people that are irresponsible and get handouts time and time again--(if you want to do that, then reduce pork barrel spending and use that money.) The auto makers need money--then they should partner with the oil companies who have more than enough and are kept in business by the auto makers in the first place.

Why haven't we heard from Congress the voice(s) of action and accountability?
Seize AIG's accounts and send the auto makers to Big Oil for their needed cash. Easy. Keep the politics out of it, practice that bi-partisan hooey we keep hearing about, and fix it. The rest of us can't afford a gallon of milk, but you want us to pay for this.

In closing, I beg of you two things:
1.) DO SOMETHING, you have the power, use it for the love of god.
2.) Do not, I repeat do not send me a canned political peewee stump speech-style response. Do not insult my intelligence, I am not a low information voter.

Is America really the best country in the world? Really? Yeah, if you're rich.

Sincerely--with much respect Sen. Fiengold, and huge amounts of anger,
Jennifer Koplitz
Green Bay WI


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For those choking on sour grapes and just waiting for the moment you can start spewing how the election was bought, think back a bit ago when all y'all were sneering and making snide remarks about community organizers.

What you saw last night was the national community organizing efforts coming to fruition.

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You hopeless romantic, you. Go for it, and play something beautiful on your accordion in F major the next time your girl/guy/Transgendered partner is around, you’ll be amazed by the results. Or maybe you won’t, it really depends on weather or not she/he/it is in the mood. But it can’t hurt!


I gave you three up there, go away.


* The Haydn brothers wrote more symphonies in F major than any other set of musical brothers. This was probably in part because there are very few sets of musical brothers who composed symphonies.

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*gnashes teeth*

This is why I don't watch local news or regular network news:
For some reason the local news is on now, the newscaster just stated that the WI attorney general is dispatching X amount of people to the polls to make sure that the election rules are followed. The persons to be dispatched were supposedly schooled in election laws.

Fine, right? Sounds good, right?

Well, if you had the background of the story with this attorney general, and his very recent antics, you'd be spitting mad at that newscaster's story--for lacking key details that gave it a different flavor altogether. The AG tried to get 214,000 new registrants verified through the various data bases, which has proven highly flawed and in some cases illegal. He is the WI poobah of the McCain campaign and is trying to employ a voter repression stunt---one that is thinly veiled as a progressive solution for voter fraud.

People talk smack about cable news? They're idiots and wish to live like lemmings masquerading as ostriches.


Hopefully, Only Nine More Days

I can't believe what an utter dick John McCain is. His 'performance' on Meet the Press made me wonder if Tom Brokaw just wanted to soc him in the gut for being deliberately obtuse.
And, and, and! I'm not sure now if his persistence on redefining Obama's proposals is just the lying crud he's perfected, or he's really just that god damned dumb.
Oh how I wish he'd get thrown in a pit with my Keithie.

On the other hand, I think I'm getting a crush on Chuck Todd. I like his gentleness, along with his big brain.


It's not new, and we've seen a sparse version of at the Democratic Convention. Just a little boost to get us through the next ten days.