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Raginglunatic aka Jennifer Koplitz, has left on a new journey. She was loved dearly and will be missed by all of us.


She has gone gentle into that good night
And embraced the dying of the light.

She did not rage at the close of day
Softy, wisely she slipped away.

To short her time before this flight
She has gone gentle into that good night.

Into her fathers arms did flee
There to live through eternity.

She has gone gentle into that good night.


With all the love in the world we will miss you Jenny.
Poem rewritten by Kay and Jay with the utmost respect to the author.

Because I Coudn't Help Myself

It's not going to do any good, it's not going to result in any miraculous change of MO, but it was successful in the venting department. Not my best work, but I have an asstonne of stuff on deck that needs tending to, and wasn't able to concoct one of my better offerings--and it couldn't wait, either.

Dear Senator Feingold,
Let me preface this with that I have the highest degree of respect for you and your integrity makes me proud of WI politics.

However, I have to express my intense anger and disdain regarding the bailout. While at first I was not against it, the news of late has my blood boiling.
How is it, that all of you (collective D.C. 'you') voted for this without any restrictions? An insane amount of money just handed over to people that have proven to be irresponsible at best, and criminal at worst--but is the reality: criminal.

Twice since getting this unthinkable sum of money, they've gone to elite spas for $400 massages and $500 bottles of wine. They're still getting paid and paying out dividends to their stockholders, AND not conducting business with that money like they're supposed to. I can't afford to have dinner down the street at the Chinese Buffet for $20, and this money, for these criminals is coming out of my taxes. Are you people in DC trying to create a mass revolt? A good old fashioned revolution?

Why haven't their accounts been seized? Subpoenas for overseas account delivered?
This is reprehensible.

Next on deck is another group of people that are irresponsible and get handouts time and time again--(if you want to do that, then reduce pork barrel spending and use that money.) The auto makers need money--then they should partner with the oil companies who have more than enough and are kept in business by the auto makers in the first place.

Why haven't we heard from Congress the voice(s) of action and accountability?
Seize AIG's accounts and send the auto makers to Big Oil for their needed cash. Easy. Keep the politics out of it, practice that bi-partisan hooey we keep hearing about, and fix it. The rest of us can't afford a gallon of milk, but you want us to pay for this.

In closing, I beg of you two things:
1.) DO SOMETHING, you have the power, use it for the love of god.
2.) Do not, I repeat do not send me a canned political peewee stump speech-style response. Do not insult my intelligence, I am not a low information voter.

Is America really the best country in the world? Really? Yeah, if you're rich.

Sincerely--with much respect Sen. Fiengold, and huge amounts of anger,
Jennifer Koplitz
Green Bay WI


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For those choking on sour grapes and just waiting for the moment you can start spewing how the election was bought, think back a bit ago when all y'all were sneering and making snide remarks about community organizers.

What you saw last night was the national community organizing efforts coming to fruition.

Cake, Anyone?

Your result for What's your key signature?...

F Major

Congratulations, you’re F Major, combining the ease of C Major with just a tint of flatness among it. This key is just perfect for sappy ballads, just ask Paul McCartney! (Yesterday, Michelle AND Hey Jude were all in the key of F!) This key is ideal for pianists who want a touch of softness in their step, or guitarists who happen to like Capoing the first fret. Most instruments have no problem with the key of F, and several horns even have it as their home key. Seriously, though. Try and find a hard rocking punk song in F. Not happening. Punk people tend to stray from such happy keys.

You hopeless romantic, you. Go for it, and play something beautiful on your accordion in F major the next time your girl/guy/Transgendered partner is around, you’ll be amazed by the results. Or maybe you won’t, it really depends on weather or not she/he/it is in the mood. But it can’t hurt!


I gave you three up there, go away.


* The Haydn brothers wrote more symphonies in F major than any other set of musical brothers. This was probably in part because there are very few sets of musical brothers who composed symphonies.

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*gnashes teeth*

This is why I don't watch local news or regular network news:
For some reason the local news is on now, the newscaster just stated that the WI attorney general is dispatching X amount of people to the polls to make sure that the election rules are followed. The persons to be dispatched were supposedly schooled in election laws.

Fine, right? Sounds good, right?

Well, if you had the background of the story with this attorney general, and his very recent antics, you'd be spitting mad at that newscaster's story--for lacking key details that gave it a different flavor altogether. The AG tried to get 214,000 new registrants verified through the various data bases, which has proven highly flawed and in some cases illegal. He is the WI poobah of the McCain campaign and is trying to employ a voter repression stunt---one that is thinly veiled as a progressive solution for voter fraud.

People talk smack about cable news? They're idiots and wish to live like lemmings masquerading as ostriches.

Hopefully, Only Nine More Days

I can't believe what an utter dick John McCain is. His 'performance' on Meet the Press made me wonder if Tom Brokaw just wanted to soc him in the gut for being deliberately obtuse.
And, and, and! I'm not sure now if his persistence on redefining Obama's proposals is just the lying crud he's perfected, or he's really just that god damned dumb.
Oh how I wish he'd get thrown in a pit with my Keithie.

On the other hand, I think I'm getting a crush on Chuck Todd. I like his gentleness, along with his big brain.

What a Deliciously Evil Pairing

Jimmy Smits' character Miguel Prada and Dexter. This should get interesting.


It's not new, and we've seen a sparse version of at the Democratic Convention. Just a little boost to get us through the next ten days.

O Say Can You See

He is so calm and cool-headed under fire, so articulate, charismatic, and an amazing public speaker and the whole time it was just a ruse. He used is Svengali-esque nature to draw us in and all the while he was plotting his potentate rule. He'll change the name of the country to Obamica.
Democracy will be replaced with Obamunism--it's true. The first clue of this Obamenon was leaked today, and historically is the first step to new dictatorships:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The design and creation of a flag is some seriously scary business.
The smartest man on the planet was brave enough to broadcast this alarming news.

Main Entry: fundamental
Part of Speech: noun
Synonyms: basal, basic, cardinal, central, chief, component, crucial, element, elementary, essential, essentiality, first, fundamentality, important, integral, intrinsicality, major, necessary, organic, original, paramount, primary, primitivity, principle, quintessence, radical, real, rule, theorem, ultimacy, underlying, vital

Synonym Collection v1.1
Copyright © 2008 by Lexico Publishing Group, LLC.
Roget's II: The New Thesaurus

Main Entry: basis
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: A fundamental principle or underlying concept.
Synonyms: base, cornerstone, foundation, fundament, root, rudiment

Roget's II: The New Thesaurus, Third Edition
by the Editors of the American Heritage® Dictionary.
Copyright © 2003, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.
Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.

Reason #14

...of why he has value and just generally rocks. And rocks hard.

Last night's show taught me more about Iran than I ever knew collectively in all my conscious years.
The groovy thing?

Jon's very big in Tehran.

Who woulda thunk?

I Don't Know What's Worse....

...the incorrect usage of prepositions, or the insistence of making a verb out of the word 'gift'.
God damned illiterates.

They're Just Making This too Easy

Separated at Birth

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Left: A self-proclaimed pit bull and RNC's VP nominee. Right: A pit bull.

Open Letter to the Pit Bull with Lipstick that has foreign policy experience because of her proximity to Russia:
Keep up the lying, snide, passive-aggressive lies. Because of your jackassery speech, $8mil was donated to Obama's campaign in 24 hours.
Woof woof.

Sarah, Not Michael, Palin

Poll #1250724 McCain's VP Pick

By choosing Sarah Palin, I think McCain is trying to:

counterbalance his age.
snag Hillary's disenfranchised.
reclaim his maverick-ness.
demonstrate that he's really not capable of the office he seeks because he's too proud to frankly admit that he is out of his depth.
get some/more of the youth vote.
prove that he isn't a misogynist even though he thinks rape jokes are funny and has called his wife the 'c' word.
I don't know (yet).
I don't care.

The thing that disturbs me the most about Sarah Palin is:

her rabid pro-life stance.
her inexperience.
I don't know (yet).
I don't care.
Doesn't matter because she won't be in Washington come January 20.

Reason #13

...of why he has value and just generally rocks. And rocks hard.

After watching my dvr recording of Obama's speech of nomination acceptance, you could say that I was welled with all sorts of emotions. Actually, that would be an understatement. Overwhelmed (wow, what a speech), angry (for the state of things and how it got there), worried (too many idiots/racists/dirtbags out there and he won't win), and intense desire (he's GOTTA win, for the love of all things good and worthy and decent, he has to win, or we're so screwed--how much more of this can we withstand?)

Next on the recorded list I choose The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Maybe I was just loopy, or had an emotion hangover, but I burst at least three major (can't be major, or I wouldn't be typing right now, right?) minor organs. He was so on, so freaking funny--and I loved him for every bit of it. The levity, and I didn't realize until it happened, was much needed.

Smoochies sent to NJ.

Oh Happy Day!

It's true. (I am.)
Dance with me.
Revel in this wonderful news!

Put Down the Crack Pipe

Put aside that we'll never know the truth about Russia's show of force in Georgia--whether it's really that they don't like Georgia's Western leanings and wants, or that Georgia is/was doing some bad shit in Ossetia regarding ethnic cleansing and Russia was merely defending them. My completely uneducated opinion is the latter because Russia has no problems with capitalistic whatzits. (To reiterate: 'completely uneducated opinion'--anyone out there with some real facts (Anton I'm looking at you) feel free to make a show and clue me in.) The US government is naturally siding with the former--and what is this? Propaganda, or yet another example of having zero intel on an area, or yet another example of fabricated intel to further an agenda? Or a combination thereof?

Put aside that McCain is not the president. Put aside that he and his rim-jobbers slammed Obama for supposedly acting like the president when he went on his big trip a few weeks ago. (Hypocrite, much?) Put aside, that he in his infinite feeble minded idiocy is saber rattling in Putin's direction. Excuse me, you and what army? Seriously, what in the hell is his lip flapping about...wait, total obliviousness--that's gotta be it. Or, and more believable-he's owned by Saakashvili-we know his buddy the Georgian lobbyist is too close for monetary comfort.

Put aside Rice and Bush's utter blustering ridiculousness with statements that invading and occupying other countries is wrong and they won't get away with it. Really? Who's going to stop them?? (Again, hypocrite, much?) Bush thumbed his nose at the UN, yet attempted to use them as a threat. Economical threats are hollow too. There is nothing to threat anyone with, you fucking jack ass.

Put aside the reality of why should they listen to us? There is absolutely no reason at all, thanks to Georgie. Were I Putin or Medveded, I'd tell Bush to piss off. You Republicans should be so proud of yourselves--one felled swoop, he's decimated things in our country, has alienated everystinkingone else on the planet, AND has the arrogance to stand in front of the world spouting morality, framed in flaccid bullyragging. Now, that's an accomplishment.

All of the above has been put aside--the worst part of all this? The worst part is that there are many people in this country think that McCain's reaction to Georgia and Russia was strong and decisive.

And that's what disgusts me--not so much (OK, I'm lying: very much,) those three (Bush, Rice, McCain), but the numbers of voters who are too stupid, or thick-headed to get any of this. To see how dangerous and just plain outright stultifyingly retarded it is to chest thump at this time, after all that has transpired.

[Not that it matter to the point I was trying to make but--Update: I'm watching last night's Larry King with Mikhail Gorbachev--if he can be believed, he says that Russia is defending Ossetia and Saakashvili has intentionally mislead the US.]

Fucking Fucktards, Heads Need to Roll...

...after they pay back every driver in the US. They have the balls to tell the Congressional committee that there were no shenanigans or price inflating, that that was how much it cost them to do business, then have the audacity to boast the highest profits ever. Hello? Feingold? Leahy? Let's get with the program here.
But more importantly, anybody out there that has the slightest inclination towards McCain needs a hard kick in the ass, severe reality check. Maybe this will serve that purpose.

*Licks Chops*

Doesn't this look just downright evil? I can do without 98% of that whipped cream-just gimme the bottom half. Yumola.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Clicky on piccy for the recipe. (Psst, there's all sorts of way to cheat with this one.)

A Brief Homage

In this age of the talking heads in the media being at their worst--whether it is acquiescing to corporate mandated bias, or vile behaviour as depicted on Fox News, Tim Russert stood out as a professional with integrity. But he still asked the hard question and insisted on answers instead of the political tap dance that usually happens during interviews. He had honor, and he had backbone.
Besides his family and friends missing him terribly, what really sucks is that he's going to miss out on the presidential election. He enjoyed the exciting primary races and was looking forward to this historic run for commander in chief.
The relatively small numbers of American viewers that sought out such shows as Meet the Press will miss him and his work too.

United We Stand

Why she waited so long, we'll never know I guess. Could be many things from the near nefarious to the simple fact it's incredibly hard to lose such a thing, or shell shock.
Regardless, after disgusting me more times that I can recall, she redeemed herself today with her concession/endorsement speech.
Obama's speech in South Dakota was nothing less than awesome. Hers, today, was in the same arena.
Now...if the American people can get their self-serving, ignorant heads out of their asses, we might be in good shape in November.

I Do Now

Miskellayneuss Synapses IV

Peter O'Toole is just fabulous as the Pope on The Tudors. Speaking of which, had we had such excellent visual aids as this show, I'd've paid much more attention to history class. It definitely would have not been boring as hell. Of course, this series educates us on all the things that the teachers somehow left out of the lessons--the major battle Henry incited with the Catholic church and why. The real reason Anne Boleyn was beheaded and who set her up and why. Of what an asshole Sir Thomas Boleyn was. Just vile. The insanity of religion, period. Set aside all the history lessons packed into this show, it's rife with hotties--Holy. Hell. HOTTIES. Oh, and the costume design person is excellent. I find myself drooling over the clothes, mostly the mens' designs.

If Hillary Clinton didn't have any underlying meaning regarding Obama when she keeps referencing RFK's assassination, and won't explain herself precisely, then exactly what does she mean by it?
(Other than that she's a big fat fucking liar? Scumbag motherfucking closeted republican?)

Denis Leary and Darryl Hall of yore look so much alike, it's wacky.

Yesterday? 83°. Last night? 41°. While I'm enjoying that we're actually having a spring this year, (usually it goes from cold to hot with no in between), this temp difference within a matter of a few hours, is retarded. And annoying.

If you're a fan of Indie movies, then I recommend Dogville. Interesting format--a 3D play is how I'd describe it. Very minimal set design, which looks like it was set up in an airplane hangar. But instead of the singular head-on view, the camera is all over the place. I was surprised at by the end, and wholly gratified.

Ooh gads, that bitch Amber from House is a sister-wife on Big Love. Once again perfecting the über meanness, and naturally, affiliated with the antagonists of the cast. Watching her go near anyone with a syringe full of demoral is not a joyous way to spend time.

I've got a large hankering for strawberry-rhubarb pie. No whipped cream. No Cool Whip (ick).

[Clarification before we begin: I'm a huge fan of propriety and that lovely way in which the British communicate--can sever an argument's artery with such articulate verbiage, that 99% of Americans wouldn't even understand what was said. And even in my old age, have come to appreciate the concept of protocol. In other words, while I'm fan of the odd eff bomb, or fistful of 'cocksuckers', that doesn't mean I think that it doesn't have its place, its time, its situation. It's not: 'fuck you' all the time anywhere no matter the audience.]

The reason I detest the political correct movement is not because I advocate calling people nasty names, but because it's always taken too far. While once it was an idea based on common decency because humans have to be legislated in order to behave (you think I'm kidding? Say so and I'll laundry list it for you), it has long since devolved into yet another venue for weenies and whiners to hide behind. Then they produce and raise a generation of sorry excuses that have no sense whatsoever. Everything is an attack, everything offends their delicate sensibilities. It's really vomit-inducing when you think about it.

The other day I'm trotting around Television Without Pity, and I'm reading about this season's Hell's Kitchen (which is beyond its normal state of hyperbole and hysteria) and there is a forum member there lamenting on how disturbed and jarred he is to see the cheftestants smoking. Five fat paragraphs on this phenomenon of cooks smoking and how can Gordon Ramsay allow it and even though Fox built the deck for them and made the choice to allow them to smoke he can't get a grip on it.
Someone replied that many many cooks/chefs smoke, more than not. And his reply was more of his being disturbed, having been jarred. So much so that he doesn't know if he can stomach watching the show anymore.
My first reaction was: idiot. My second was: faker for drama's sake. After reading some more of his posted messages elsewhere, my conclusion is that he's not kidding.
I did not waste any time adding my inflamed and disgusted opinion. It wouldn't have served any purpose other than get me banned. Not that I mind getting banned (hello WBM!), but why bother at all.
But disturbed? Really?
Are you fucking kidding me?
Without resorting to the 'there's worse on the nightly news' argument, there is worse--junkie's with needles to murder, and everything in between--it runs the gamut. Felonious, nasty things depicted and what disturbs you are some cooks partaking in a legal vice? Get a fucking grip.

Instance number two in as many days: I'm at bravotv.com watching a video of Tom Colicchio (of Top Chef) being interviewed by Andy Cohen who asks him about the chefs cursing this seasaon. Tom concedes that there is always colorful language in kitchens it just seems that this year's contestants aren't making any effort to edit themselves. He went on to think that it's just a sign of the times, their age group (yeah, and maybe they're all sick to death of the nanny state bullshit and are merely in defiance). He also shared that he loves to hear that kids are into the show and are interested in food and trying new things where they weren't before they watched the show. But he's also heard (as told to his face by said parents) that parents aren't allowing their kids to watch it anymore because of the cursing. He didn't seem too upset about it (which made me half laugh). Keep in mind that Bravo is not a premium pay channel so the cussing is bleeped. And they're pretty good at it, never miss one and their timing isn't off either. So...what we have here are parents that offended by bleeps.
I reiterate:
Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me?!

A while or so back I read this interesting article about censorship in the regard of choice vocabulary words in the media/entertainment world--specifically television. The point of the article was that once you take away the most offensive words, other's will replace them and so on and so forth. Remove 'fuck' and replace it with 'frig' or 'frick' to get the meaning across and the same effect but they are also considered vulgar as well. Remove those two and replace it with 'fudge'--the next problem that arises is not the exact word this time, but that even though it's not a naughty word, everyone still knows what it's supposed to represent. Therefore, it's out.
See the insanity here? Each layer removed, creates another for attack. Draw a line and stick to it--tell the pansies to cork it. That they're not getting five miles because you gave them an inch.
With Top Chef and this line of thinking, we have now replaced choice vocab words with sound effects and still, STILL, the weenies piss and moan.
Jesus Mary and Jospeh doggie-style, I really can't get over how ridiculous this is.

Between this and jack asses with their tantrums, I think they need to be plopped into the middle of some real-live in-person nasty shit elsewhere in the world---how about trying to survive in the mountains of Afghanistan in the winter living in a tent? Or the recipient of a female castration ceremony? Or, or, or-the list is endless.
Maybe that would be jarring enough to knock them out of their self-pity, their lunacy over things that just. don't. matter.

Quit being pussies. It's doing nothing for your *cough* genius *cough* image.